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Single-Layer Automatic Umbrella


Weight 530 g, stowed length 35 cm, diameter 125 cm under open umbrella, high dense impact cloth,
Rain or shine, super waterproof, UPF30+
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Tolstoy’S Poetry Umbrella

stowed length 28 cm, weight 350 g, open diameter 98 cm,
Automatic umbrella, automatic opening and closing, rain and shine, vinyl sun protection, digital printing
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Super Light Small Flat Umbrella


Boutique gift box packaging, ultra-light 228 grams, ultra-thin flat umbrella saves space, really stylish.
The length of the umbrella after folding is 21 cm, the width is 5 cm, the thickness is 3 cm, and the diameter under the umbrella after opening is 88 cm
Color glue full blackout 210T impact cloth, upf50+

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Floral Umbrella


Floral Umbrella

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Duck Head Wood Handle Sunshade


Automatic opening, manual retracting, two-fold umbrella,
Weight 350 grams, stowed length 46 cm, open umbrella diameter 98 cm, high density impact cloth, rain 2 use, super waterproof, UPF40+
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Embroidered Straight Pole Umbrella

54CM8K, weight 248g, diameter under umbrella 95cm, umbrella length 76cm,
190 vinyl full blackout bumper cloth, water repellent, UV resistant UPF30+, machine print, embroidered lace, gold umbrella buckle.
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Lace Small Curved Handle Umbrella

Folded length 28cm
The diameter under the umbrella is 90 cm
Ultra light 200 grams
Stainless steel umbrella bone
Sunny Rain 2 with
UV protection UPF30+

SKU: WOOU111 Category:
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Shattered umbrella

Umbrella frame: black electric steel frame
Umbrella surface: 210T vinyl full blackout digital embroidery PG cloth
Specification: 55CMX8K
Weight: 275 grams
Diameter under umbrella: 92 cm
SKU: WOOU110 Category:
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